We are a London based company with over twenty-five years experience in the industry. We are an international brand, with our bikes being ridden down the streets of over eleven countries. We pride ourselves on creating great quality bikes that are affordable and beautiful.

What makes us special? We believe it's good to stand out from the crowd. Our bikes are all bespoke creations that are completely independent from anything else seen on the market. Every year we introduce fresh, vibrant designs reflecting the trends that inspire us, ensuring that your bike remains one-of-a-kind.

You are unique - your bike should be too.


That's what people call us. Why? Because we like to be different. We work with fashion designers, artists and creatives to bring you beautiful, bespoke bikes as individual as you are.

We're inspired by what we see in the world - cultures, trends and experiences in both the East and West. We incorporate these influences to create a bike that appeals to a multicultural society, of all ages and walks of life. We like to think that our bikes are a reflection of you.


It's what distinguishes us from the crowd. We're not just about appearances, you know. We build our bikes based on the latest technology and industry developments to give you a product of the highest standards.

Our frames are crafted in lightweight high-ten steel to ensure a more study, longer-lasting bike. And we work with renowned brands such as Pro Max, Neco and Shimano as well as manufacturing our own quality tested parts to ensure we produce a bike that goes the extra mile.