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Five reasons to go out and ride your bike right now

Ever feel like you’ve lost the motivation to ride? Got bored of your same old commute? Think it might be time to take up a new hobby? Well put down those rollerblades my friend, I’m here to tell you not to lose faith. There are plenty of reasons to spin those pedals one more time. […]

Chill Bikes Ride Jams #1

Sometimes you need a little bit of extra encouragement to get out on your bike, so we put together this playlist, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Turn it up and hit the road.

Movie night – Line of Sight

You might not have heard of Lucas Brunelle, the crazy-ass American bike rider and film-maker, but every time you watch a GoPro video of someone hitting an impossibly tight gap in traffic – you’re watching something he had the idea for first. Before GoPro exploded in popularity, ole Lucas was out on his bike filming other […]

Why ride fixed?

At Chill Bikes, we make some of the best fixed gear bikes in great colour schemes at more-than-decent prices, but why should you buy a fixie in the first place? 1) Style Fixies look great – it’s undeniable. The low cost of the few parts it takes to build a fixie means you can mix […]

Red Hook is coming to town!

For petrol heads it’s the Grand Prix, for extreme sports its the X-games, but in the fixed gear world there’s one competition that towers above all the others – the Red Hook Crit. Started in Brooklyn by a bunch of bike riders and cycle messengers, Red Hook began its life as a birthday party for […]