At Chill Bikes, we make some of the best fixed gear bikes in great colour schemes at more-than-decent prices, but why should you buy a fixie in the first place ?

1) Style

Fixies look great – it’s undeniable. The low cost of the few parts it takes to build a fixie means you can mix things up and experiment with colours, materials and shapes of the components .

Fixed gear bikes allow you to customise your ride

2) Simplicity

You pedal, the bike goes . Stop pedalling, the bike stops. No fancy levers or fiddly sprockets – the fixie is simplicity itself. You won’t find a fixie rider saying any of this nonsense !

3) Price
Have you got £12k to spare on a first-rate road bike with a carbon-fibre frame ? No, me neither. At a couple of hundred quid, the Chill Bikes Original is all you need to get on the road and riding, without any of the gimmicks.

4) Training

Riding fixed makes you a better rider – you’ll train harder (because you can’t switch down into granny gear every time you hit the hills) and your pedalling style will be smoother too .

5) Originality

The first bikes ever made were fixed gear. They’re the original and the best.

6) Connection

Riding a fixie is a feeling like no other . The bike becomes an extension of your body, rather than just a tool to get from A-to-B. You’ll actually start to become one with it over time – the more you ride, the stronger the connection.