Ever feel like you’ve lost the motivation to ride? Got bored of your same old commute? Think it might be time to take up a new hobby? Well put down those rollerblades my friend, I’m here to tell you not to lose faith . There are plenty of reasons to spin those pedals one more time.

Cyclists live forever

That’s right, you read that correctly . It turns out some Dutch geniuses at the University of Utrecht have found that cycling for one hour actually extends your life by the same amount of time . Which by our elementary school maths means if you never stop cycling your heart will never stop ticking neither.


You know what, I bet if you pulled back those curtains and poked your head out of your dank bedroom for two seconds you’d realise it’s a bloody beautiful day . And even if it isn’t, there’s nothing more fun than riding in the rain. Get out there and feel the wind on your face.

Glorious day for a bike ride, eh, old sport?

Today is the first day of the first week of the rest of the month of your life . Or something.

You’ll only get one shot at this thing called life and as our man Elvis says in the video below, time is precious .

Trackstands .


Friend !

Remember, friends you make on the internet are not real friends . Get out and start rolling with your IRL wolfpack. Like these guys, wouldn’t you want to be mates with them?